Why Is Ocean and Beach Cleanup Important?

We are Big Blu World, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a better environment through beach and ocean cleanups. We believe cleaning our oceans and beaches of plastic or debris can help us improve the environment for a safer place for marine life to thrive in. Contact us to start saving our waters today! Keep reading to learn more about how ocean and beach cleanups can help!

Start Saving Our Waters Today


Small Efforts, Big Differences

By making small efforts through a small beach cleanup or ocean cleanup, it leads to a big difference in the environment. This helps to decrease the amount of pollution affecting our oceans and beaches which helps make them more enjoyable to spend time at. Find a Big Blu World event near you!

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Reduction of Debris and Plastic

At Big Blu World, we focus on beach cleanups because removing the debris from beaches helps to reduce the effects of pollution on our oceans. One small way you can help reduce pollution and reduce your personal carbon footprint is by reducing your plastic use.

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Marine Life Safety

Ocean cleanups help to make it much safer for marine life to thrive. Many different types of plastics can get wrapped around or stuck in marine life causing long-term health effects. Through beach cleanups and ocean cleanups, we can help keep our marine life safe!

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Safe, Effective, and Educational

Beach cleanup projects are a safe way for us to help restore oceans and clear debris from beaches. These projects also give experts a chance to educate the public on ocean conservation. To stay updated with any of our beach cleanup or ocean cleanup projects, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

At Big Blu World, we are committed to making our beaches and oceans a safer and cleaner place. We believe beach cleanups and ocean cleanups are a great way to start making a difference. Start saving our waters today!