Blu Projects

Kayak on water

Row 4 Rivers ​

Each month we hold a fundraising event we call Row 4 Rivers. A two-hour trip at different locations we provide a trail, lunch and souvenirs for a small fee of $35.00. We have rental kayaks available as well for $15.00. A great chance to get outdoors and see some scenery all while helping us raise money for our Big Blu World!

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Image of sea turtle

Sea Turtle Project

Sea Turtles are a species that is directly affected by the exact thing we are working to solve which is debris and plastics littered on our coasts and beaches. With a reduction of the population of the Sea Turtle it is vital to their survival that we educate and improve our habits at our beaches. Please purchase a Sea Turtle Sticker and we help fund the Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys

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Barrel on bank

Big Blu Barrel project

Our Big Blu Barrel project has been created to help us raise money to purchase and service waste containers at various shores, trails and beaches for consumer waste. In our travels we have noticed a lack of waste services leads to trash on our shores and in our water. Our cost is $105.00 annually to purchase, place and service each container. With your support we can increase the amount of Big Blu Barrels we can deploy.

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Save the reef image

Save our Reefs!

Each year millions of swimmers, beach bums and tourist lather on sunscreen while enjoying the sunshine. Unaware that many sunscreens sold today cause irreputable harm to the ecosystem and our reefs. This bleaching of our reefs destroys millions of marine life habitats and effects the beautiful reefs that take hundreds of years to establish. We offer a sunscreen at our online store that is reef safe and 100% natural to improve skincare as well. All proceeds directly go towards education of swimmers on the care for our reefs.

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