Big Blu Vacation Homes

Enjoying the beach, the lake, cabin in the woods or simply in your favorite city is where memories are made! A Big Blu goal is to raise the funds needed to purchase land, develop 100% sustainable homes in desired locations for people like you to visit. These homes will be plastic free, made from repurposed materials that are carbon neutral and decrease our footprint. Each house will be open to the public during certain periods for educational purposes and for the community in which they are built can learn the impact we are trying to change! If you would like more information, like to sponsor a home or simply have a place in mind you would like to see a Big Blu Vacation home please email us, call us or wave us down on the side of the road!

A sea turtle swimming toward the ocean's surface

Why It’s Important to vacation responsibly?

In the United State alone there are over 100 million people that visit their favorite beach, enjoy their lake or hike along the rivers. Over the past few years living in a coastal city we experience first hand the impact that tourist have on our local beaches. With each season we experience greater amounts of trash and plastic found on our shores, in our marsh and in our watersheds. This amount will only continue to grow and continue to deplete our marine life and their sanctuaries. Enjoying your vacation is important, however so is protecting the future of our shores. Join us today and help us create new places to visit and experience coastal, Lake and mountain vacations are like without litter!

Check out these top five reasons why Big Blu World cares so much about our vacation rentals!

  1. Where can you step away from reality and enjoy the quiet sounds of the waves, the woods or a rolling stream?
  2. Have you ever seen a whale with an infant breach and roll across the blue waters?
  3. Microplastics have been discovered in human life and are causing cancers and other illnesses. Oceans break down plastics to fine particles and are then mixed into fresh water sources, marine life and consumed by us and if we don't limit plastic consumption it will only propel..
  4. Plastic bags should never be near a beach or waterway. They simply have no purpose and with our technology we can do better.
  5. Building sandcastles, catching a wave, soaking up the sun, paddling down stream are all amazing things to do! Stepping on broken glass, being poisoned by chemicals and hazardous items are not!

Many creatures grace us with their presence, but one of our favorites is the loggerhead sea turtle found on our shores every year in North Carolina. Please follow us to these amazing places and witness what makes our planet beautiful.

A bunch of trash floating in the ocean

Human Impact on Sea Turtles

One of the greatest threats to the existence of sea turtles is humans. While climate change has played a big part in the sea turtles decline, resulting in fewer hatchlings and changes in the hatchling sexes, another human activity has drastically impacted the sea turtles’ life span and survivability. Humans hunt sea turtles for their eggs, meat, skin, and shells. Even though sea turtles have been ruled off-limits, there are still poachers out there seeking shells and meat for the black markets.

But poachers are not the sea turtles’ only worry. Currently, our oceans and seas are filled with trash. Turtles are very curious creatures and often consume plastic bags, fishing lines, and other debris that pollutes our oceans. According to the WWF, 52% of sea turtles have consumed plastic waste and for 22% of those turtles, the consumption of this plastic waste will result in death. The plastic can cause blockages and damage to internal organs resulting in stunted growth, slow reproduction rates, and ultimately starvation.

Join Big Blu World’s Mission

In 2019, Big Blu experienced first-hand the devastation that humans can wreak on ocean environments. Our passion for our mission was fueled by our visit to Punta Cana, where the amazing beach views were obstructed by piles of garbage! With every trip our family took, we experienced similar issues with garbage and debris polluting waterways. The final straw occurred when we lost a device in a lake. A quick dive below the surface revealed the true secrets hiding in the depths. Between three dives, we removed over 100 pounds of trash from this one lake! This fueled our fire and Big Blu World was formed!

A sea turtle on a beach being splashed by waves

What You Can Do to Help Sea Turtles

Sea turtles have quite the fight ahead of them to survive, but unfortunately, they cannot do it alone. They need a little helping hand. Big Blu World has made it easier than ever to help out sea turtles while also benefiting our ocean as a whole! At Big Blu, we are focused on saving the sea turtles through beach and ocean cleanup. By educating others and raising awareness of the amount of plastic polluting our oceans are experiencing, we strive to create a cleaner environment for sea turtles and their other sea friends. We have dedicated our time to cleaning our shores all over the United States in hopes of removing plastic and other debris while funding other projects to increase the health of our waters. So far Big Blu has removed the following trash items from our oceans and waterways:

  • 24, 583 plastic water bottles
  • 17,121 cans
  • 5,521 cigarette butts
  • 3,855 glass bottles
  • 2,923 bags
  • 1,192 fishing gear
  • 857 PPE masks
  • 342 shoes
  • 73 tires
  • And 550 other forms of plastic, trash, and other debris that cause sea turtles and other wildlife harm.

In addition to cleaning our shores and raising awareness about plastic pollution, we have created The Sea Turtle Project. Sea turtle lovers can simply purchase a sticker and the proceeds help fund The Turtle Hospital!

A baby turtle in a person's hands

The Turtle Hospital

Big Blu World has partnered with The Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys to further its mission of saving the turtles. The Turtle Hospital is a 5019(c)(3) charity focused on turtle rescue and rehabilitation. Formed in 1986, The Turtle Hospital was founded on four goals:

  • To rehab injured sea turtles and return them to their natural habitat
  • Educate the public through outreach programs and local schools
  • Conduct and assist with research in conjunction with state universities
  • Work toward environmental legislation making the beaches and water safer for sea turtles

This organization has helped and released more than 1,500 sea turtles back into the wild since opening their doors. Big Blu World values this partnership as an important resource in helping sea turtles through education and rehabilitation. Purchase your sticker today to support The Sea Turtle Project and help The Turtle Hospital continue its mission.

Our planet’s future is at stake. We have already lost many animals to extinction (and we are not just talking dodo birds and dinosaurs here). In 2021, 22 animals went extinct, including the ivory-billed woodpecker. If we do not take action now, sea turtles will become the next creature we are reading about in books instead of seeing laying eggs on our beaches. Big Blu World is dedicated to cleaning our oceans through events, education, and recycling programs to further the life of these majestic, ancient sea creatures. You too can get involved!

Save the sea turtles today!