Big Blu Ambassador

An ambassador is a person that aids and serves other people. We here at Big Blu World are looking for individuals who would like to serve our seas! We're asking for these people to become ambassadors of our brand, our values and help us fulfill our mission to help keep our beaches, rivers, lakes, and oceans clean from plastic and trash.

We are working to provide a platform for people to engage in the effort to bring our shores to plastic and trash free. Individuals looking for an opportunity to earn college scholarships, gifts, prize opportunities, meet new people, build a community program that will help you grow as an individual then this is an awesome fit for you.

What is a Big Blu Ambassador?

A dedicated individual to uphold our mission and values and work for our seas and all aspects of it.

What are our Responsibility and Duties?

An ambassador will work with their community and host river, lake, or beach clean-ups in their area. They will also help raise donations at their events by promoting our efforts.

What’s in it for Big Blu Ambassador?

College scholarships/Grants, Team building experience, prizes, travel opportunities, helping their community, real world experience, free clothing and discounts on other apperal.

How do you become a Big Blu Ambassador?

Fill out the form below. Once submitted you will receive a phone call to discuss the opportunity to see if you fit our objective and share our mission.

Once accepted into our program we will send you information on how to set up and organize a clean-up. This will include all items needed to host an event for up to 30 volunteers. There is also a video on promoting us and our objective to better inform you. Once you have completed one clean-up we will enter you into our scholarship program. Total program will consist of about 20-30 hours of work per semester or semi-annual. All ages are eligible for their project!