Big Blu Sustainable Homes

Our goal is to not only remove plastic from our waters but also to repurpose it for other uses. As we all know Plastic takes along time to decompose and we are trying to find new uses for it to prevent micro plastics and plastics from entering our oceans.

Expanding on our goal we have recently began redclaiming materials, products, scraps and reusable construction material preventing them from entering our landfills, rivers and watersheds to find new uses for them. Over the past year we have accumulated almost enough materials to build a sustainable and functional home in Wilmington, North Carolina! This new home will be constructed by our volunteers and the beautifully crafted home will be gifted to someone in need to help them establish themselves!

If you or your company is in need of local removal please email us, call us, wave us down on the side of the road and we will come remove these items.